Discipleship Breakdown

How will you structure your discipleship groups?

If you’re a youth pastor, chances are you understand that the time you spend with your students is valuable. Especially if the time you are spending with them is in small group discipleship. There is something special that happens when students choose to participate in community with others especially under the leadership of a mentor. However, too often the time spent with students never progresses to the depth that it should. A time that could be defined by deep conversation and spiritual growth sometimes gets spent talking about what so-and-so did at school or about how cool it would be if people could fly.

To safeguard against misusing this valuable time it is important to set up for yourself an “order of events” or “group breakdown” so that you are taking full advantage of the hour you get to spend with your students. Many times your group leaders can teach a great lesson but spend no time in pastoral care or making the lesson relevant for the students life. We must ensure we are being holistic in our approach to discipleship. The following Word document is what I give to my small group leaders to ensure we are making the most our time. Feel FREE to download it and implement it immediately!

Breakdown of a Discipleship Group

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