In life, everyone has something that energizes them. Everyone has something that makes them giddy, keeps them up at night, and in my opinion, is the expression of God’s will for their life. In my life, this passion is youth ministry. I desire to see youth know, love, and worship Jesus. Period.

This is the reason for this blog. I pray that God would use this space as a resource for youth workers everywhere. There is something special that happens when those who share a common vision collaborate with one another freely so that the body might be built up. Thus, the intention of this site is to build up and equip those who share a passion to see the youth of the nations discipled. My goal is to provide a website where youth workers and youth pastors everywhere might find a space to both share what they are doing and learn from others what is effective in reaching youth with the gospel of Jesus. I pray that those who participate in this project might take ownership of this movement to freely give what many are charging to distribute. I know that God has gifted the called and that there is much to be learned from those who have gone before. Thus, instead of paying for curriculum or material, it would be nice to have a site where ministers might find these for FREE! As Jesus sends out the 12 in Matthew 10, he tells them “freely you have received; freely give.” We must remember that it is God who bestows upon us inspiration and wisdom for discipling students. Thus, who are we to not share this with those who share a similar passion? LETS START A MOVEMENT!

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