10 Things that Annoy a Youth Pastor

Don’t act you haven’t wanted to make this list:

  1. Going to meetings instead of hanging with students.
  2. Meandering through an inbox for hours.
  3. Students walking out during the message or worship for the restroom.
  4. Cliques within a student ministry.
  5. People who think Youth Pastors just play with students all day.
  6. Not knowing if a student on their phone is using YouVersion or playing Temple Run.
  7. Students who have read every Hunger Games and Twilight book, but make no time for the Word of God.
  8. Parents who think Youth Pastors are responsible for their students spiritual development.
  9. Not having enough mentors for students who want to be discipled!
  10. Students who live short of their potential.

What did I forget? Leave a comment and help me out!

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8 thoughts on “10 Things that Annoy a Youth Pastor

  1. Maybe you could add Pizza to the list?!? There’s got to be a better way to cheaply feed the masses! Or when there’s left over pizza a full box ends up on your desk as a “gift”.

    Not to mention the fact that schools are makin it near impossible to gain access to campus to hang out with students.

    • SO TRUE about the closed campus thing. We got grilled by a Front Office lady yesterday! I felt like I was apologizing for wanting to pour into the next generation! Oh, and I’m ruined on pizza.

  2. Haha this is awesome. I’m kind of an odd case, I think. I really enjoy the administrative side of youth ministry – paperwork, meetings, e-mails, etc. I’m weird, I know.

    I agree with the rest, though!

    I would add this one: Adults who think they know how to run a youth ministry and remind you of the correct way to do it every chance they get.

    Thanks for the post!