Why We Worship

This last Wednesday, all of our Small Groups met for a Rally. Grades 6-12 came together to simply worship. We had no agenda, other than prayer, a few verses, and then worshiping through song. And worship we did. In student ministry it is often difficult to get students to engage in worship. In our structure, we all meet together on Sunday mornings and do small groups on Wednesday nights. Thus, worship through song happens most prominently on Sunday mornings. How in the world are you supposed to usher a 6th grader into the Holy of Holies at 9:15 on Sunday morning when he spent the whole night playing Modern Warfare 3?! It’s possible, but not probable.

This is why we set aside the Rally Night we do once a month to simply worship! I had the opportunity to see walls come down and students truly worship, some possibly for the first time! As the students entered the worship center, we had them remove their shoes. On the screen was Exodus 3:5, ““Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” During this interaction with Moses what made the place where he was standing was the presence of God. We emphasized to the students that regardless of when and where you are worshiping, that space is holy and sacred because you are entering God’s presence. (Not something to be taken lightly or entered half-heartedly.)

If you want to do yourself a favor today, read Psalm 96 and ask yourself how you enter the presence of God with song.

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