6 Lessons from YS Palooza

This last weekend, 5 of us from the Student Ministry team went to the Youth Specialties Palooza in Dallas, Tx. Here are 6 things that stood out:

  1. The Veterans will remind us and we must listen: nurture your soul and take care of your family!
  2. Via Doug Fields: Value a collective vision for the ministry. It takes a TEAM!
  3. Via Walt Mueller: We must engage and expose culture’s faulty messages.
  4. Via Brian Berry: Mentoring is best when I know and am part of a student’s family story.
  5. Via Kara Powell: Segregation happens weekly when students are secluded at church.
  6. Via Jim Burns: When you reach the family, you reach the world.

There were so many highlights from this Palooza, and I would recommend you taking your Student Ministry Team when you have the chance! One thing that especially stood out to me was how available the speakers made themselves before and after sessions. At most conferences I have been to, speakers hide in the green room until it’s time to speak and then retreat back there afterward. This was not the case at YS Palooza! I had the pleasure of having brief conversations with Fields, Berry, Powell and Mueller. I think this speaks volumes about the character and passion of these Youth Ministry Advocates.

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