Time to Worship

I’m a little giddy… Tonight I get to worship and not think about what students are doing. I get to worship and not think about a message I have to give. I get to give my all to God without distractions. So excited!

I live in North Dallas and Jesus Culture is coming to the Verizon Center tonight…it’s time to worship! While Youth Pastors are supposed to be the one’s that have it figured out, who can worship despite distractions, who can worship without worrying about what is going on during a service, who can worship while students are chatting, reality says that very few, if any, can actually do this.

This is why personal worship time is SO important in the life of a pastor. If we are not fueling ourselves in worship outside of Sunday morning, are we ever worshiping at all?

I know… I know… “Everything we do is an act of worship to God.”

My response: Rubbish!  “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matt. 26:41) Even in the presence of the Lord, the disciples fell asleep on the job. Am I greater than Peter?

I know for a fact that I struggle with keeping my eyes open to how God would have me worship every Sunday morning. I know for a fact that I get distracted by students and my message, and because of this my greatest moments of worship are in the car and in the shower. Too Much Information? Just trying to be honest…

When do you worship? How do you get distracted on Sundays? Is it a bad thing?


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