Yes, LORD, your Servant is Listening

Don’t you love those moments when the Lord is trying to tell you something. Like Samuel in 1 Samuel 3, we sometimes think what we are hearing is a mistake, but by the third time it happens, you know somethings up.

This happened to me this week. I have been keeping my ear to the ground for my next sermon series, and for some reason, the SAME book of the Bible keeps popping up. The first time it happened, I must admit, I was totally uninterested.

1st Call: Monday morning I was in our weekly Youth Staff meeting and while throwing around ideas my Small Groups Coordinator said, “What about the book of Esther?” She then went on to say how it had been speaking to her, how great it was, and what it would speak to our students. My response, “Ehhhh?”

2nd Call: I am an avid podcaster. I listen to various podcasts each week while I am driving. A few I listen to ALL THE TIME, while others get an occasional listen. Tuesday afternoon, as I was pursuing for my next listen, I went to a podcast that only gets an occasional ear. This pastor had just started a new series in what? That’s right…Esther. Back to back days, not that big of a deal right? Just coincidence…

3rd Call: On Wednesday nights, my students meet in various Host Homes around the city led by truly amazing men and women of God. Each grade has a year long curriculum that they can go by, but we give them the freedom to jump around or add and subtract lessons as they see fit for their group. Last night, Wednesday, I made the decision to pop into the 8th Grade group. (I attend a different Small Group every week to get face time the students and provide encouragement to my leaders.)  So what did the 8th Grade Leader teach? You guessed it…Esther.

Monday…Esther. Tuesday…Esther. Wednesday…Esther. Every other day for the past year…never even thought about the book of Esther! But when the Lord is trying to direct you in a certain direction is there any other response but faithful obedience? I pray that we, as youth workers, amidst the chaos of our lives, don’t forget to LISTEN to the Spirit’s guiding. May we respond with the wisdom of Eli and the obedience of Samuel and say, “Yes, LORD, your servant is listening!”

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4 thoughts on “Yes, LORD, your Servant is Listening

  1. Hey there, this is pretty interesting. The youth group at my church decided to go along with our church in the study of Hebrews. We borrowed some from your lessons (you’re a life saver for a youth minister who works full time at an insurance company along with a husband and father who needs a new lesson every week) and came up with some of our own lessons. So guess which book our church started a series on after Hebrews? Yep, Esther. Did you know it’s the only book in the Bible that does not mention God or reference Him in any way outside of talking about His people?

    • Tim, So glad you were able to use the resources here! Thank you for your faithful service to His kingdom. Praying that the Lord would raise bold disciples from your student ministry!