What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?

We are in the middle of our love, sex, and dating series in Fusion Student Ministry and during a one-on-one discipleship session with Michael, I asked him this question. I asked, “imagine that you are a 22 year old senior at your favorite university, what quality traits are you looking for in a future spouse?” His response:

  • A Believer
  • Brown Hair
  • A Great Smile
  • A Good Personality
  • Dependable
  • A Good Friend
  • A Worshiper of God
  • Understanding
  • Spends Time in The Word
  • A Good Volunteer
  • Smart

I thought this was a fantastic list! Oh, and did I mention that this came from a 7th Grader!!! My mind was blown! I don’t know if I could have put that list together as a college senior and Michael’s doing it in the 7th grade!

It feels good when students “get it!” It feels good when students have a plan for their sexuality; a plan they have petitioned God for and decided in their hearts to follow. This is why we have the hard talks every year about sex and God’s plan for them. May you be reminded that the difficult conversations you are having…are worth it.


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