Costa Rica 2013 | Part 2


These are the words that one of my students used to describe what we are doing in Costa Rica.

In the short week we will be in Costa Rica our objective is simple: We are here to love on orphans and help the local church.

Part of out team is spending the week simply being present with children, reflecting the love of Jesus, and giving the Tia’s (ladies who work there) a well needed break! The other half of our team is helping a local church build a student center that will house a mid-week Bible study as well as technology, music, and language classes throughout the week!

As we sat and reflected at dinner tonight, one of my students pointed out that we are here to reflect both Christ’s love (at the orphan home) and His strength (joining the local church).

But as everyone who has ever been on a mission trip will tell you: We will learn far more from our brothers and sisters in Costa Rica than they will learn from us! I appreciate your continued prayers!


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