Take your Student Ministry to the Next Level

Just like in the business world where people need goals, students need goals!

Just like in the business world where people need to see the vision of where they are going, students need to see your vision and where you are going!

Where there is no VISION, the people PERISH.” Proverbs 29:18

Would the students in your student ministry be able to describe in two words WHY you have STUDENT MINISTRY.

Our students, I believe now, after launching a VISION NIGHT, understand we do student ministry for two words: LIFE CHANGE!!

JESUS specializes in LIFE CHANGE and HE is our ULTIMATE EXAMPLE!!

So before you kickoff your spring season of Student Ministry or Fall Season of Student Ministry have a VISION NIGHT for your students!

At the VISION Night:

  • Ask your students, “Why do we have Student Ministry?”
  • Give them goals such as: “I want us to reach 50 students for Christ”, or “100 students for Christ” depending on the size of your Student Ministry.
  • Ask them, “Do you want your friends to feel welcomed and feel like this is a place they could belong?” Then, challenge them to welcome their friends at the door before walking into where you meet.
  • Have a guest tent that makes new people feel welcome. Read an email or mention a phone call from a student who walked in one night and didn’t feel welcome so they take it personally.
  • Rally your seniors together and encourage them to lead the Student Ministry. Ask those seniors, “What do you want to see happen in your last year in the Student Ministry?” Give them ownership!

When students are passionate about Jesus, long to see their friends lives changed, and want your student ministry to feel like the most welcoming, most friendly place on the planet, I believe your Student Ministry can go to the Next Level!!

Many of these ideas came from reading Jeanne Mayo’s book “Thriving Youth Groups!!” It is a must buy!!!

What this all boils down to is getting your students to BUY IN to the student ministry vision and BUY IN to WHY you do what you do!

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Michael Hux is the Student Pastor of Team Church in Matthews, NC.

Connect with Michael on Twitter or Instagram: @_Hux

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One thought on “Take your Student Ministry to the Next Level

  1. Great post on capturing the hearts of students and helping them OWN the ministry. I love the idea. We are planning some kickoff events for each school year (January and August) so we can unite around what the ministry is all about. Great ideas! Thanks!