TYMB 002: Sending Students Back to School

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Welcome to the 2nd Youth Ministry Blog Podcast!


1. Do a Back to School Event:

  • Prayer Time
  • Focused Small Group
  • “Launch” Event – Send them into school equipped to start a bible study or prayer time.

We have seen so many students impacted and encouraged by sending students out to do a Bible Study, get this, IN THEIR SCHOOL! Jesus cannot be taken out of schools if our students, who bear the image and spirit of Christ, are IN those schools! What would it look like for you to empower your students to DO ministry on their mission field?

2. Encourage Students in their gifting:

Teach your students that ministry is not just a small group or prayer time! What do your students like to do? Where are their giftings? How can they use them to glorify Christ? I have a student who started rapping for Jesus, check out Adrian Stresow below! He’s only a sophomore! What?!

Call to Action:

1. Comment below: How are you equipping your students to share and live the gospel in their schools?

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