Want Students To Read God’s Word?

Many students see the Bible like they see a Stephen King novel. They look at it and think there are so many pages with no pictures. They think to themselves I have no clue where to start. They think there is no way I could tackle such a massive book.

If we want students to be passionate about Jesus, we have to get them in the Word.

If we want students to begin to walk, talk, and think like Jesus we must get them in the Word.

Gods Word is what changes us from the inside out so we must get students in the Word!!

So how do you get them to into the Word??? BUY DEVOTIONALS!!!!!

-Include Devotionals in your cost when you go to Summer Camp or go on a Retreat and hand them out to every student. Have them begin to start their devotional at camp and encourage them after camp to read their DEVOTIONALS!!

Make reading Gods Word EXCITING by asking your students to take pictures of their daily time with God on instagram and twitter, then BRAG on them!! Get the WHOLE STUDENT MINISTRY in on it!!!

-Send out daily texts, tweets, instagram posts encouraging them to STAY in their Devotional. Challenge the parents to challenge their students to STAY in the WORD and hold them ACCOUNTABLE!! Some parents can even do the devotional with them!!

-Make getting a DEVOTIONAL EASY by purchasing some for your Student Ministry and asking parents to buy them!! Then they don’t have to go to Lifeway and its right there for them!

-Make sure to GET a 60 day Devotional to start out so they can see a goal and feel like it can be accomplished!! Here’s a strong recommendation for a DEVOTIONAL http://www.christianbooksbibles.com/product-p/9780310730040.htm

I truly believe you can get students EXCITED about Gods Word!!! Watch God transform their lives right in front of you as they ENJOY reading GODS WORD!! Watch them HUNGER and THIRST after Gods Word!!


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Michael Hux is the Student Pastor of Team Church in Matthews, NC.

Connect with Michael on Twitter or Instagram: @_Hux

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5 thoughts on “Want Students To Read God’s Word?

  1. I agree with the devotional idea. We’ve also found some success in church wide and student ministry wide reading programs. Last fall our entire church read the NT together and currently our entire student ministry is reading Acts together. We give them a bookmark with the reading plan and also build an easy website with the schedule. We also built our October teaching series around Acts.

    We push for interaction through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So far it’s been pretty successful. Students love to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

    • That’s awesome Aaron. I’ve seen that done well also! Students feel empowered when held to the same standards as adults when it comes to spiritual development.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I had been really passionate about this for a while but let it slip when I never could get involvement. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Totally understand! Sometimes it takes a little while to break through. Keep pushing though! Help students see how being faithful with the hard spiritual disciples enables them to hear his voice more easily. Blessings in your ministry!