Don’t Be Dramatic

Pastors deal with some pretty serious stuff: being entrusted to care for people’s souls, walking them through painful situations, speaking the Word, etc etc. There’s no doubt that most are underpaid and overworked. Also, there’s no arguing that what we do has eternal significance. But let’s be honest, pastors have this way of being over dramatic about some things too. We can take ourselves WAY too seriously. This seriousness is not just limited to the pastors of the adults, it’s a problem for student pastors as well. Our world is filled with drama, just look at the magazines next time you check out at the grocery story. Pastors are not immune to our world’s insatiable desire for drama. We have to guard ourselves from getting sucked in. Here’s a few things to watch out for:

1. Stop telling everyone how busy you are. We are busy, but so are the people in your congregation. They do not want to spend five minutes listening to you talk about how tired and busy you are. If you need rest or a break, go through the right channels and get it, but nobody wants to listen to you complain.

2. Speak life. This is a tough one for me. I get on the negative roller coaster and just can’t seem to get out of the seat. That stinking bar just won’t let me get out. Everything becomes negative. I complain about all kinds of stuff. When I find myself on that roller coaster I need to stop, take a breath, and choose to be thankful. At this point I know that I need to stop fixating on my problems and be intentional to find people to encourage.I text, email, write or call someone I haven’t encouraged in a while. Also, it’s good to keep a Kingdom perspective. What’s really important?

3. Quit over-worrying about the details of the service. If the sound bothers you so bad that God can’t move through it, then either fire your sound person (good luck with that) or talk with them about about it and move on.  Most people barely notice the things we get so hung up on. I can find myself dwelling too long on a mistake in the service, while the service is still going on…yeah that’s not good.

4. Stay out of high school and middle school drama. If you find yourself getting caught up in gossip or constantly worrying about your students then find a way to separate yourself. Maybe you don’t need to follow your students on Twitter and Instagram. You are called to love them, even when it’s difficult. If something is keeping you from doing this then back off. You are called to pastor them, not get mixed up in their drama.

5. Think about the One you serve. We are finite. Our pastoring is finite. God is infinite. Trust that He’s in control and then act like it. Getting too stressed about every detail, or the drama that surrounds us, are two quick ways to burn out in ministry. Stay humble and realize that it isn’t all about you. It is a privilege to serve the King of Kings, so give Him your best. We learn from the Sermon on the Mount that your best is not just your actions, but it’s about your heart. Untangle yourself from any drama that is holding you back and recognize the freedom that comes from living soley for Him.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Brandon Weir is the Student Pastor at The Fellowship Round Rock near Austin, TX. What does Brandon love? “I love my wife Jules, my dog Ranger, Texas Tech, being outdoors, the Texas Rangers, camping, hiking, reading, Torchy’s Tacos and I love me some Jesus.”

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