Student Pastors, Love Your Wife!

You have heard people say, “a HAPPY WIFE leads to a HAPPY LIFE” or “If SHE ain’t HAPPY then NO ONE is HAPPY” and this is soooooooooo true!

Just like we should make spending time with God a priority, we must make spending time with our wife a priority!! She needs to feel LOVED and feel as though she is more important than your ministry because she is!

If your MARRIAGE FAILS then your MINISTRY FAILS! Make DATING your WIFE a DISCIPLINE! Make LOVING your wife a PRIORITY! Put her on your prayer list not only to pray for her but so you remember her daily and how blessed you are to have her!! Write down special dates in your calendar so you don’t forget to remember days!


Pick a night during the week and make that date night for you and your wife. Don’t let anyone interfere with that night. If you have kids, hire a babysitter that night or if that is too expensive make a deal with another couple that you will watch their kids one night if you watch theirs one night. You and your spouse will begin to look forward to that night! We must be INTENTIONAL when it comes to our wives!


I, for the longest time didn’t know my wife’s love language! I was writing her a note instead of figuring out her love language was gifts and quality time. This will help you tremendously by allowing her to FEEL LOVED!

If you don’t know each other’s love languages set aside some time tonight to take the 5-minute test to discover what they are!

God wants you to LOVE your WIFE BETTER than you LOVE His!

Your students and children need to see how much you LOVE your wife and how important she is to you! Students especially need to see more couples who love each other and see examples of Godly dating/marriage!

Don’t let her question for a second that you don’t think she is important!

Ephesians 5:25
New International Version (NIV)
Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

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Michael Hux is the Student Pastor of Team Church in Matthews, NC.

Connect with Michael on Twitter or Instagram: @_Hux


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2 thoughts on “Student Pastors, Love Your Wife!

  1. Great reminders, Michael! I would add that in order for us to attend to our wives properly, we also have to engage in self-care as well. In addition, learning how to lower our reactivity and replace it with God-centered response is key to keeping our marriages balanced and focused on the mission.