This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the cloud of witnesses who have tread the youth ministry path before me. Specifically, I am thankful for the youth workers who have encouraged, exhorted and prepared me to faithfully minister to teenagers. Here are three youth ministry giants I am thankful for:

Bradley Maybin – FBC Amarillo
Bradley, I cannot even begin to describe the impact you have had on my life and ministry. You were not a youth pastor who prepared me for a lifetime of trusting in Christ, but you also prepared me to work in youth ministry. Thank you for giving me a crash course in student ministry! I still remember calling you two days after discerning my call as a sophomore in college. You opened to me a summer of learning what it means to minister faithfully to students. Thank you for setting the example of longevity in student ministry. The impact you have had on parents and students cannot be measured!

Ronny Higgins – Highland Baptist Church, Waco, Tx.
Ronny, thank you for giving me a chance as your Associate! The time I spent with you prepared me to run a ministry. You entrusted me with responsibility. You allowed me to succeed, you allowed me to fail, and you walked me through both. Working with you while in seminary was instrumental. You helped me discern how to balance high theology with practical implementation. Thank you for being a mentor and friend.

Amy Jacober – Professor of Student Ministry
Amy, thank you for challenging me to think deeper and harder about why we do anything in student ministry! You taught me the why to the what of student ministry. You challenged me to be intentional, thoughtful, and practical. You taught me how to balance theology, adolescent development, discipleship, and fun. What I learned from you in 4 years will be implemented in a lifetime of ministry.

Who are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Who has prepared you for ministry? Send them a word gratitude today!

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