Fun is Not Your Enemy

We all want a Student Ministry that is deep and not shallow. We all want a Student Ministry that is all about Jesus and worship, but do your students see JOY in serving JESUS?

FUN is not your ENEMY! Your students should LOVE to come to Small Groups or Wednesday night because there is an aspect of FUN! One of the biggest reasons that I LOVED Student Ministry when I was younger was because it was FUN! I knew I was going to have FUN!

Don’t take out all of the FUN in Student Ministry. There is a reason why students love to go to Theme Parks and Arcades. It’s because it is FUN! Students love camp because it is FUN!

I had to remind myself of this over the last several weeks as our small groups have been all serious with NO FUN! We need a LITTLE FUN even with the seriousness of following JESUS!

Here’s a few ideas:

Throw in ICE BREAKER questions to open up.
Throw in a game that lasts 5-15min to add in some FUN each night!
Throw in a worship song that is FUN and not so serious.
Throw in a video to add some fun!
Throw in a skit to add some fun!
Throw in JOKES during your sermon!

LOST people need to see that CHRISTIANS have FUN too! Christians should be the happiest people on the planet and ones who show the most JOY and EXCITEMENT.

BRING some FUN to the TABLE!

How do you bring in the aspect of FUN in your STUDENT MINISTRY?

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Michael Hux is the Student Pastor of Team Church in Matthews, NC.

Connect with Michael on Twitter or Instagram: @_Hux


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2 thoughts on “Fun is Not Your Enemy

  1. Oh, we have TONS of fun with our teens. For Christmas, we are doing a PJ party. A few weeks ago, we did a NERF Obstacle course (BYOG and ammo). I think personality of the leaders comes into play a lot– we’re goofballs normally so we’re never short on laughs. I think that really causes a connection with the teens when they see your down to earth. It softens them up to talk to you when they have serious issues going on. That’s what I’ve seen at least.

  2. David,

    How do you differentiate between fun and entertainment? And is entertainment bad? I agree that youth ministry doesn’t need to be dry and boring. But why are we so captivated with making sure everything is fun? Furthermore, are fun and joy the same?

    Just some questions.