Get Excited

If you’re not EXCITED, why should students be?

As Student Pastors, we have something to be EXCITED about…and that is putting it lightly!

Our God is not DEAD but ALIVE!!
God has RESCUED us from HELL!!
Jesus has paid the debt for our SIN!!
The Enemy has been DEFEATED!!
We have a GOD that is always WITH us!!

If that’s not enough to get you EXCITED and ESCTAITIC, I don’t know what to do. The students we serve and parents we serve should see that EXCITEMENT each week.

We should be way more passionate about our GOD than our SPORTS TEAM!


This should be evident in our social media and how we WORSHIP. This should be evident in how we preach. We are preaching the GREATEST NEWS that has changed us so we should preach with EXCITEMENT. We know the BIBLE ain’t boring!

Your students can tell if you are excited about Jesus or not!
They can tell by watching you if JESUS really is a BIG DEAL or not.
They can tell by watching you if JESUS really is the RISEN KING to you!

Encourage your leaders to be passionate about Gods Word and coming to church. If the students see that your leaders have excitement just like you do imagine how excited the students would be!

Be reminded today that you have been SET FREE! You aren’t who you use to be! Be EXCITED and keep serving JESUS!

Romans 12:11 Never be lacking in zeal but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.

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Michael Hux is the Student Pastor of Team Church in Matthews, NC.

Connect with Michael on Twitter or Instagram: @_Hux


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One thought on “Get Excited

  1. There is a lot to be excited for– and you’re right our students will catch the atmosphere we are putting out.

    I’m reminded of the the verse: “There is fullness of JOY in the presence of God.” Certainly joy is not and can not be based on circumstances. Life is hard, but God remains good. That type of foundational Truth should bring joy and excitement!