Avoiding the Machine of Ministry

If you are in ministry, you might at times feel tired.  I like to think of it as the machine of ministry.

The machine of ministry looks like this:
– You are exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually most of the time.
– You go through the motions of ministry work.
– Your only concern is the attendance, and you’re not that excited about stories of life-change.
– Worship is hard to get into because you “already know these songs.”
– You compare yourself with other churches and leaders.
– Your appearance gets more attention than your spiritual heart.

I’ve experienced these feeling at times in my own life.  How do we avoid falling into a robot of ministry where we lose sight of the sensitivity of God’s Spirit?

 – Remember the cross.  Preach the gospel to yourself everyday to remember the grace of Jesus and how we do not deserve it.
– Remain teachable.  Admit you have not arrived or know all the answers.  Just because you have a lot of knowledge or experience doesn’t mean that we stop hungering for more of God.
– Pray for people who need Jesus.  One of the sure ways to keep a humble, sensitive heart is to love and pray for people who are far from God.
– Invest in your family.  Get your ministry work done at the office and focus on giving your best effort at home.  Listen to your spouse and help your children know they are loved.  Pray with and for them.  Our families help us stay grounded and focus on what really matters.
– Stay dependent.  Tell Jesus that you need Him. A lot.

The truth is, Jesus said He would build His church (Matthew 16:18).  Men can build buildings and programs, but Jesus is the One who ultimately builds the church.  Our role is to be sensitive to how God wants us to serve Him and join what He is doing in ministry.  The long-term success of any man of God isn’t simply statistics, but it is being faithful to God’s calling to love Him and love people.

How are you able to stay close to your relationship with Jesus when ministry is so busy?
How do you avoid the machine and remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life? 

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