Lead By Example

I’ve thought a lot lately about my example as a Dad. A pastor. A friend.

“Do as I say and not as a I do” is an ineffective way to lead people.

If I want my children to love Jesus, I need to love Jesus by example. If I want students that I lead to share their faith, I need to share my faith. If I want people to be in small groups, I need to be in a small group.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.” John Maxwell
Leadership is action, not position. “D.H. McGannon
Do-so is more important than say-so.” Pete Seeger

People not only want to be taught but they want to emulate. Just as important as our public leadership is the private leadership of our actions.

If our goal is to lead people to accomplish the vision of God, it must start with example.

Practical ways to lead by example:

– Smile.
– Encourage: Give courage to people as they serve. Help them see their God-given potential.
– Listen: When someone talks, listen to them. Don’t talk over them or ignore their suggestions.
– Deflect praise to God: Avoid taking credit that belongs to God.
– Follow through: Do what you say you will do.
– Ask Forgiveness: When you make a mistake in what or how you lead, be the first to admit and ask for forgiveness. Admitting mistakes solidifies leadership and builds trust.

What would you add to the practical ways to lead by example? Leave a comment below!

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Josh is the student pastor at Church @ The Springs in Ocala, Florida (www.thesprings.net). Josh has served in student ministry for 9+ years and has a passion to lead students to imitate Christ and influence the world! He has a personal blog at http://joshrobinson.cc


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