5 Reasons for Youth Ministry Interns

Summer is here! With a full summer calendar ahead of me, I was overjoyed to add two summer interns to our student ministry team. Here are five reasons you should hire summer interns in youth ministry:

1. Youth Interns bring a “cool” energy.
Your are middle-aged. They bring the “cool vibe.”

2.  Youth Interns expand ministry.
We needed to focus on girls ministry = Awesome female intern.

3. Youth Interns bring fresh ideas.
Games, music, branding, videos, ask what they would suggest.

4. Youth Interns lighten the load.
Summer is busy, you CAN’T do it alone…enter intern.

5. Youth Interns are often future pastors.
My first ministry gig, and probably yours also, was as an intern. Develop, equip, and prepare them!

What would you add to this list? Comment below!

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