Overview of the Whole Bible

The staff at my church is currently going through a semester long training program led by our teaching pastor. At a recent training, he showed us this sermon by Dave Allgire at Late Church. It is a MUST WATCH if you want a succinct overview of the entire Bible narrative.

Spoiler Alert: There are hand motions to help you remember all of church history!

A few weeks ago, I showed the hand motion portion of this video to students going through one of our discipleship programs. It was a hit! Students expressed how awesome it was to see the entire Bible laid out before them. They were baffled at how busy God was during the “silent years” before Jesus.

This is Youth Ministry GOLD, and I highly recommend:

  1. Showing this to students
  2. Recreating it on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning

When students better understand the overview of the whole bible, Jesus wins!

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5 thoughts on “Overview of the Whole Bible

  1. Yes for the bible miracle into grow in us to joy and change our life to be like Christ enjoy and in blessing with kindness that helping our neighbor to find Christ and new life with the HOly Spirit with us to glory for God,bless,keijo sweden

  2. This overview is so clear. Please could you send us a copy of the card that you mention in this video clip?
    Many thanks