Walt Mueller: 5 Pressing Trends in Youth Ministry

The World is changing and we need to keep up with the trends. The more we understand what is shaping our teens, the better we will be able to speak into their context with Gods truth and wisdom.

Our goal is to integrate our faith through every square inch of our lives which is worship. (See Romans 12:1-2)

Culture is…

1. The soup they swim in.

We want to know what’s in the soup. If this is what they are eating up, it will be what they become.

2. A Map.

Culture for teens often dictates the direction they head. Culture often tells teens, “you are what you look like.”

3. A Mirror.

Culture will reflect the pressures and realities that teens face. Get to know culture and you’ll better understand teens.

5 Trends:

1. The Me.

It’s all about me. What I can do, achieve, and receive. When reed this by telling our children that they are princes and princesses. When we make our children “royalty” they will have a difficult time with submission to God and the edification of others above self.

We must help students have a deep deep understanding of their brokenness and depravity.

Are we raising a generation of narcissists or are we raining disciples marked by humility?

Our goal is to live counter-culturally for the glory of God and to teach our kids to do the same.

2. The Moment

Life is about the moment. Seize the day. YOLO. Eat, Drink and be Merry. Many students live in a manner to fully embrace the now and look forward to what’s next.

We need to help students understand how their decisions effect their long-term destination. Student seek instant gratification over delayed gratification. This flies against embracing the long-term process of sanctification.

3. The Marketing

students are being targeted and there is a worldview being sold. We must tech students how to think critically about culture and yhe messages being sent.

4. The Much

Student have too much of everything! Kids have too much information, activity, distraction, pressure, and negative parental input.

We need to teach student how to rest and Sabbath. We need to teach students about silence. God created us for a rythem of work AND rest.

5. The Mess

Students feel like they are drowning. Because there is so much to do and accomplish, they feel like they can do nothing well. This pressure leads to teenage apathy, pain, and struggle.

We must teach students that THEY cannot do everything on their own. But rather, they were created to lean fully on God and find comfort and help from a Gospel Community.

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