A Student Thank You Note

I checked my box this afternoon and found a letter in it from around thanksgiving. The contents absolutely made my day. A student wrote me a letter detailing why he was thankful for me. This student has slight autism and struggles to “fit in,” but is one of the most honest and loving students.

As you read, remember why we do what we do. It’s totally worth it!

Dear David,

You are the best pastor at LifePoint Church. Well, you’re definitely up there, at least. You bring a smile to my face every Sunday. Here are some reasons why you rock.

First off, you make church fun. And that’s not an easy task. Yet somehow, you pull it off. So thank you for that.

Secondly, you get me involved even if I don’t want to. While this may also be my brothers doing, you always pull me into the fray. Because of that, I’m considered cool by all of my brothers friends. All in all, thanks for being the best pastor out there.


One of my students.

Gospel + Community = Kingdom.

Have a great day!

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David Headshot

David Hanson: Texas native, Texas Tech Red Raider, M.Div. at Truett Seminary, husband to Ashley, father to Ava & Ben, Student Pastor at LifePoint Church in Plano, Tx, table tennis (ping-pong) extraordinaire, addicted to coffee. For anything else…you’ll just have to ask.


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