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Sometimes after a big event, the temptation is to send out a quick thank you email to those who helped you pull off the event. But today I want to encourage you to take an additional step.

After your next big event, send out a thank you email, as you normally would, but this time send it to EVERYONE on your mailing list. Don’t just include those who helped out, or attended the event, but your entire mailing list.

After doing so, be sure to post this Thank You to all your church publications (all-church email or social media accounts.)

Here is the email I sent:

This simple task will do two things:

1. Publicly thank those who put in the hours.
2. Encourage others to volunteer for the next event.

No lie, after doing this, I had three parents contact me about helping out at our next event! Why would you not start recruiting help and looking for ways to get more people involved in discipling the next generation?

What else have you done to publicly thank your leaders? Comment below!

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