Youth Ministry TV 007: Middle School Ministry

Why it's unique & important

In episode 007 of Youth Ministry TV, David, Ben, and Kevin Libick discuss why Middle School Ministry is so unique and important. If you are a youth pastor overseeing 6-8 graders, this is a must watch!

Resources Mentioned:

Middle School Ministry by Mark Oestreicher & Scott Rubin

Middle School Ministry Campference

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3 thoughts on “Youth Ministry TV 007: Middle School Ministry

  1. This video is so faith enriched. Pure joy to be seeking a position with youth ministry. I went to a Liberal Arts Christian college and have obtained a BA in Religion with emphasis in youth ministry. I have interned with two separate churches in youth ministry. This video was wonderfully inspiring to re-affirm my passion and what I truly feel is a calling to youth ministry.

    • Kandi, Great Question! There are no sacred days anymore. Back in the day, Wednesday’s were sacred…coaches would let students out early, and teachers wouldn’t give as much homework. Those days are long gone! Depending on your context, you might consider having your Middle School Ministry another night of the week. Poll parents and look at sports schedules…don’t make your night of the week a sacred cow you can’t overcome. Meet the students when and where you can. Hope that helps!