Leadership Material

Give them something to work with!

If you have worked in youth ministry for some time or been involved with youth groups your whole life, you forget how hard it can be, or scary for that matter, to lead a youth discipleship group. Or, maybe you have worked for leaders who didn’t quite prepare you for what you were getting into. It is for this reason that you need introductory leadership material. The purpose of this material is to teach leaders exactly what they are signing up for. The following material is what I presented to my leaders as a semester began. It outlines exactly what we are looking for in leaders, how to spark great discussion, how to manage group dynamics, how to get students involved, and where to go for additional resources. I highly recommend that you write something similar for your small group leaders. May the Lord bless your efforts!

Click on the following link to download the PDF!

Leadership Materials

(Thanks to Geoff Davis who did the original research and write-up on this!)

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