Left Behind … On Spring Break

This year, instead of planning a trip that only a few students could attend, we decided to provide a hang-out time each day of Spring Break for those who would be staying in town. Day one was amazing! We had a Field Day where we played Flag Football, Kickball, Knock-Out, and more. This was a great opportunity for fellowship as students from different grades had the opportunity to hang out! We are planning a different event each day from 1-5 and our agenda is fellowship!

How do you intentionally provide space for fellowship in a way that is inclusive and free?! Also, how can Student Pastors give special attention to those who don’t get to attend retreats, ski trips or mission trips during Spring Break?

I apologize for any misspelled words as I am typing with one hand! I jammed my pinky on a deep fade route! Not a problem with Game Day tomorrow. No pinky jam in Phase 10 or KerPlunk!