Camp Confessions 2013


My students and I are at camp this week! We traveled 13 hours from Plano, TX to Glorieta, NM to attend FUGE Camp put on by Lifeway. (Fantastic Camp!)

Every year I am quickly reminded how hard it is to sleep on a bus and how draining the travel and first day of camp can be! It’s amazing how quickly Satan seeks to capitalize on our bodily weakness and get us distracted from the point of camp. Excitement for what God is going to do gets overshadowed by the desire for rest. The anticipation of students making decisions for Christ gets trumped by the anticipation of a nap. Granted, there may be a few of you freak youth workers out there who only require one hour of sleep to function…but not me!

It’s in moments like these, where you are running on fumes, that your true character shows. As youth leaders we need to remember that the same God that is capable of creation is capable of giving us energy we didn’t know existed. Call it adrenaline, a camp high, whatever you want, but the ability to lead and lead well during sleep deprivation and exhaustion is something only done when your heart is set on Him and what He is seeking to accomplish!

How do you keep energetic (aside from coffee) amidst a crazy summer schedule/camp/retreats? (Comment Below!)