[Tip] Send a Holiday Email to Parents

Just before Thanksgiving, I sent parents a short email. This holiday email to parents contained two challenges and a few date reminders. The goal of the email was to get parents thinking about how they intentionally spend time with their teens over the holidays.

I plan to send a similar email as Christmas draws near and encourage you to copy and past the text from my email, or create your own holiday challenge to parents. If we truly believe that parents are the number one spiritual influence in the lives of teenagers, then we need to be pushing and challenging them accordingly!

Day Off

In case you haven’t noticed, ministry never stops. There will always be someone else to follow up with, an email to send, and a phone call to make. And while we must be faithful to our commitments, you also don’t want to burn out. You need a day off!



Today I’m taking off to go watch the Texas Rangers play on Opening Day with three buddies. It’ll be nice to get out, watch some ball, and clear the head.

You need a day off! What are you going to do? If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen! Come up with a plan and get it on the calendar!