Are You On Social Media?

Are You On Social Media?
Are you ENCOURAGING your PARENTS to be on Social Media?

If we want to impact the student’s world, we have to get into their world! Just like we get on their turf by going to their games, we need to get on their turf when it comes to social media.

We can influence them greatly by being on social media! If you haven’t noticed these days, students are always looking down at the CELL PHONES. They are always on their phones.

We have an opportunity to IMPACT their world! It is crucial for an Instagram, a Twitter account, and for us to have a Facebook…still.

We should LIVE LOUDER than we PREACH!!

Let them see your family and a glimpse of your life! Use social media to encourage them to read Gods Word or to follow Jesus to the fullest! Encourage your parents to be on social media or at least to check their student’s social media accounts.

Encourage the parents in your student ministry to challenge their students to use social media for the GLORY of GOD! We must be INTERESTED IN, what they are INTERESTED IN! We must CARE about what they CARE about! By us not having social media we lose credibility, trust me on this one.

“When we have social media, they begin to realize He/She gets me or knows my world.”

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Michael Hux is the Student Pastor of Team Church in Matthews, NC.

Connect with Michael on Twitter or Instagram: @_Hux


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One thought on “Are You On Social Media?

  1. I agree on all counts here. At the beginning of the school year, when we had teens moving up into youth group, we met with all the parents and gave them a list of APPS and Social media resources their teens were using. We let them know they should be “following” their teens accounts and to be fully informed about what the different APPS offer. There are apps that have age restrictions on them (for good reason) so we encourage the parents to stay informed. We pass on info. or new apps when we are made aware of them as well. ASK.FM is horrible.