Selfless + Service = Small Group Coordinator

Many youth pastors would argue that they have the HARDEST job in the church. Not only do we get to walk alongside teens in an attempt to point them toward their creator, but we must also walk alongside parents. And not only do we have to train student how to share and live out the gospel, but we must also train and equip adult leaders that desire to walk alongside teenagers in a Small Group Leader or Mentor role. Combine these duties, and it becomes almost impossible for a one or two man team to accomplish.

This is why I recommend finding a Small Group Coordinator that has a desire to train trainers. In my context, we have a Small Group Coordinator that desires to disciple students through loving on and equipping leaders. And I know what you are thinking… You’re thinking, David, I have the smallest budget in the world and absolutely no space to pay for another staff member! But who said you were looking for another staffer? What would it look like to find a volunteer who has a heart for ministry, and whose sole purpose is to focus on raising up and equipping leaders? This is exactly what our Small Group Coordinator looks like. She freely offers her time to study youth materials, equip Small Group Leaders, and attend a different group each week.

In the past, it made since to me to be the point person for our Small Groups and plug any and all volunteers into the Small Group Leader role. However, having an invested Coordinator has been one of the BIGGEST blessings to our Small Groups. Who in your context might fit this role? What would it look like to relinquish total control of your Small Groups?

It might just free you up to truly be present with your students…but you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at how NFL teams use Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. Sometimes you have to give up control in order to take it!

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