Youth Ministry Questions | Part 2

This Sunday my associate (Ben) did something very cool during his teaching time. He asked questions. On Sundays we run two student services with worship through song and preaching. This Sunday, rather than preach AT our students Ben engaged our students.

Throughout his teaching he paused and allowed students time to reflect and answer questions we had printed on the bulletin.

When students, and everyone for that matter, put pen to paper there is an ownership that takes place. When you write down what you think and believe about God you are taking ownership and clarifying your belief.


Here are some of those questions he used to get student thinking critically about their faith:

1. What blows your mind about God?
2. How does God’s holiness effect your life?
3. God is Understanding. What does that mean to you?
4. God is Faithful. Why is that important to you?
5. God is Worthy. What does that mean?
6. How are you hypocritical in your walk with Jesus? Do you focus on your works, or His?
7. How are you sincere in your walk with Jesus Christ?

If you missed the first installment of questions, you can find them here: Youth Ministry Questions

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