Stop. Drop. Pray.


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Do you remember the instructions you got in elementary school about catching on fire?


As much as we talked about that I really thought I’d be busting into flames a lot more often in my life.

On a drastically different note, the other day we were having our MS Christmas party. I was running around trying to get things set up and ready. A few students showed up early (happens at every event ever).

So as I was running around, there were about five to six students who were goofing off and playing around. One of the students told me about a surgery that was upcoming. I knew about it and so just asked how they were feeling about it.

“I’m kinda nervous. I don’t like surgery.”

My reply was to just say, “You’ll be fine!”

“You’ll be fine!?”


Youth ministry fail.

That was my moment to stop, drop what I was doing, and pray with that student who was nervous about an upcoming surgery. Instead I kept rushing around trying to get everything ready for…ministry?

In doing that, I forgot one very important part of ministering to students: praying with them in their time of need.

Don’t miss opportunities. When a student shares something with you, stop, drop what you’re doing, and pray with them right there.

That other stuff can wait.

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