Want to keep track of your students?

Want to keep better track of your students? Want to keep a better record of your students?

Ever ask yourself the question where has that student been in a while

Why has that student stop coming?

Then do this…

Have a Round Up time!!    (Round your students up!)

-Have a time twice a year (April, Sept.) where you or your volunteers/small group leaders sit down and facebook/email/text/call the students you haven’t seen in a while to find out where they been. (Make a chart w/ students name, how were they reached, reason haven’t seen them in a while)

-If they don’t answer or respond after you have tried at least twice don’t get discouraged. Sometimes they will respond. Sometimes they wont. But you can sleep at night knowing you did your job by reaching out to them.

-Let the student know you have missed them and wanted to know if everything was okay. To lighten the mood if they feel uncomfortable, ask them if anyone has said anything to offend them and if you need to beat someone up. You can even ask if they have started attending another church…if you feel comfortable.

Find out why they have stopped coming. That student could help you resolve issues that might be going on in your Student Ministry.

-After you have finished, you have lightened the load of a leader or helped a student come back!

This idea came from my pastor Kenny Hibbard and I think could help out your Student Ministry tremendously!

You are able to find out where that student has been! Maybe they started going to another church, moved, or maybe had a conflict you were able to resolve, just following up with them! Go for it!

Hope this helps!!

Student Pastors, keep allowing the front door to be WIDE OPEN, but also keep doing a great job of keeping the back door SHUT. Make sure your students are sticking.

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Michael Hux is the Student Pastor of Team Church in Matthews, NC.

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