Learned Over Lunch

On Mondays throughout the summer, we have P.I.E. (People Interested in Eating). Yesterday we went to Canes and I had the chance to dine with a group of soon-to-be Freshmen. During our conversations I learned about two things, one serious, one dumb.

1. Parents are tracking students.

I have no clue how we arrived on the topic, but I had a 10-minute conversation with two girls about how their parents track their every move. What was most shocking was the fact that neither were upset with this situation. They both expressed comfort in the fact that someone was looking out for them.

Ways to track students:

Life360 App

Find My Friends App

What are your thoughts on parents tracking students? Is this a way for helicopter parents to thrive?

2. Crack Kid Vine Compilations

I was speechless after watching a few of these…take your pick! But then get back to work.

It’s amazing the things you learn when sharing a meal with teenagers! Try it…weekly…and ask lots of questions!

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