Kenda Creasy Dean at #NYWC

There is a strange phenomenon going on right now within Christendom. Those who have beautiful and creative ways to expand the kingdom are doing so outside the context of the local church.

The American Church has been operating within a very small frame. And the way that you frame a story matters. The bigger the frame, the bigger the impact, so why has the church narrowed its scope and frame?

Not only have we narrowed the audience we are hoping to captivate, but we have narrowed the ways we seek to expand the kingdom.

Is the church where people think small? Is the church where good ideas go to die? Why is the church not more entrepreneurial?

This could be the very reason the church stateside is dwindling…

We may have set the church above the kingdom. And Jesus didn’t say “seek yes first the church,” he said, “seek he first the KINGDOM.” Have young people left the church not because of disbelief, but because of the church itself!

Young people long to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to make an impact, they want to initiate change! So why is the church standing in the way?!

Youth Pastors, there is no greater place to begin the process of transformation than in the youth ministry. How can you expand the frame? How can you, WITH your students, think bigger?

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